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Most welcome to my website: Please find my Bio and career path, Blockchain insights and news, mentoring activities, top publications, experience laboratory (xLAB), and cool suggestions to see Liechtenstein’s sights. Enjoy surfing.

Herzlich willkommen auf meiner Webseite: Sie finden Informationen in Bezug auf Lebenslauf, Blockchain News, Mentoring-Aktivitäten, Top-Publikationen, Experience Labor (xLAB) und natürlich coole Tips für Liechtenstein. Viel Spass.

With kind regards, Otto

NB: It is inter alia foresight, strategy and leadership that I am passionate about. Hence, it is my great pleasure to share the following three visions:

Visionary leadership and strategy

Are you in a forward thinking mode? Are ready to transition into the future that is sustainable and successful? Are you  open to change and transformation? What about foresight? 

Foresight creates vision to shape the future, navigate critical moments, and approach challenges. 

However, vision requires leadership that takes initiative in order to develop a successful strategy. I would like to contribute to a debate and strategic conversation to create a better future. Ergo, please let me share my three visions with you. They run as follows:

  1. Mobility vision
  2. Technology vision 
  3. Political vision

Mobility vision: I would experience a seamless and smart mobility, where I am transported from A to B in the most optimal way, using all possible transport modes in a climate-neutral, cost-effective and timely manner. A shift to a new "Mobility as a Service" (MaaS) business model enables the best means of transport for every occasion, i.e., Horses for Courses. From "ownership" approach to "use" by offering end-to-end management of a customer’s assets and services to boost a sustainable smart mobility. 

Source: Keynote speech at RAI Amsterdam, Intertraffic, International Road Federation, (IRF), 2022

RUC PräsentationStrategy & Mobility

Technology vision: Technological change steered by artificial intelligence (AI) will create a "drivetech mobility" world based on usage rather than ownership of a vehicle. Using not owning will reduce operating costs and drivetech mobility will increase safety as well as reduce congestion on the road significantly. 

Autonomous vehicles and a shared economy will offer Mobility as a Service (MaaS) by the touch of a finger, i.e. click & drive. A pro-growth strategy and new business model for the future will emerge that also contributes to zero accidents and net-zero.

Source: Base Camp, Liechtenstein, The Vehicle of the Future, DriveTech and SmartShuttle, 2019

Political vision: Values and sovereignty (customs, smallness of Liechtenstein, short admin distances, and  cordiality) are the foundation of my Liechtenstein House of the future. Built on four sound pillars:

  1. Sustainable mobility for everyone
  2. A solid economy with robust growth (focus on start-ups)
  3. Modern multi-disciplinary education (youth = future)
  4. Use of digital technology solutions (incl. blockchain) by: i) the state (eGov, digital eDriving License, 24/7/365 availability etc.) and ii) business community (innovation)

Source: Parliament Member Candidate Election Programme Concept, Liechtenstein-Haus der Zukunft, 2021 

Last, but not least 

What is your vision? How can you anticipate the future? What are your tools? 

Do you “look out of the window and see the invisible, but not yet seen”, as Peter F. Drucker once postulated?


If not, what could be done? Looking forward to having an exchange of challenging thoughts and creative ideas. Co-creation to drive into the future. 





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