Dr. Otto C. Frommelt

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Certified Mentor, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, UK

Founding Member of acclaimed Warwick Business School (WBS) Global Mentoring Program since 2008. Mentored numerous Mentees from around the world including young entrepreneurs that transformed into successful Start-ups (Technology, ICT, Sustainability, Health etc).

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Mentees' quotes

Abir Hossain, Juteborg: Otto is a great mentor. I say this with full conviction, since I have been privileged to have limited yet the most impactful scope of getting a bit of his mentorship. My sincere gratitude to him and all the best wishes for the future success.

Colin Tan, Firecroft: Otto was my business mentor from Warwick Business School (WBS). As my mentor he was excellent! Through many searching questions and advice, he has helped me plan my next career moves and understanding the opportunities available. However Otto was more than just a mentor to me. He was my coach and advisor. He was an essential part of my job search process - helping with CV writing, interview preparation and providing advice when I had multiple job offers. He was always available for me when I needed him.  I had several mentors and coaches during my career and I think Otto was the best. Through my interactions with Otto, his leadership capabilities and strategic thinking always came through. I would strongly recommend Otto to any companies.

Edwin Blanchard, CIPD: Otto was kind enough to take time out of his hectic international schedule to mentor me over a 2 year period. He brings an incisive & well-rounded business perspective, that helps rapidly filter those activities that make a difference. Otto has actively helped me explore my career direction balanced by personal milestones.  During that time, he shared his broad, practical insights about career direction, role planning, people management, personal brand & challenging me mentally to ‘step up’ to senior roles.   I have enjoyed tapping into his astonishing experience and believe his help has contributed to accelerating my career.


Aditya Dular, Baxter: As a Lecturer in "Internationalisation Strategy", Dr. Frommelt adopted both a passionate and innovative learning approach. He created an atmosphere of high engagement and mutual respect. His outstanding tutor leadership qualities, enthusiasm and interpersonal skills generated a classroom environment where "active learning" took place. He also triggered challenging discussions and debates that stretched my mental mindset.   I was on the International Student Exchange Programme at the University of Applied Sciences, in Vienna, Austria during 2010 when Dr. Frommelt was my Lecturer for the Module Internationalisation Strategy (ECTS 3.0). Besides being an exceptional lecturer with vast business experience, Dr. Frommelt is an insightful mentor.


Marc Pharaoh, Euroclear: I had the great privilege of being mentored by Otto, as part of a Warwick University Alumni initiative (08/09) and we have remained in contact ever since. Otto was so incredible open, encouraging, challenging and friendly, that I can not imagine a more naturally gifted mentor, nor individual better suited to such a role.  I am very much in favour of such initiatives and sincerely hope that Otto can maintain his involvement in this one, or something similar, in order for others to benefit as I have.

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