Mentoring as a booster for career and life

Founding Member of acclaimed Warwick Business School (WBS) Global Mentoring Program since 2008. Mentored numerous Mentees as Executives, Board Members and talents from around the globe including young entrepreneurs that transformed into successful Start-ups (Technology, ICT, Sustainability, Energy, Health, Smart Mobility etc). Experienced in Mentorship with a “Balance of Life Matrix” approach as well as Sounding Board. 

First and foremost, mentoring is to find the right balance with regards to oneself, family, professional life and society. Secondly, it is about ones true passion and enjoying to exploit it.

Mentoring experiences 

Mentoring and coaching is really more art than science. As a certified Mentor of Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, UK, I gained extensive mentoring experiences and built relationships of trust: This constitutes the basis for a successful mentor and mentee collaboration and co-creation. The video and article provides a glimpse of:

Professional CV writing and job interview support

Mentoring support includes the drafting of a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV) in a co-creating process. Iterative reflection loops are part of the learning process. Mentor acts as Sounding Board and outlines suggestions and hints what to consider, for instance to optimize, change or amend in the profile. An Executive Summary in the CV is seen as elevator pitch and needs to be crispy. For instance, one’s leadership signature should be stated in five words. BTW, what are yours? Moreover, mock-up interviews constitute an additional element to get proficiently prepared. 

CV success rate so far: 100 percent of Mentees got an exciting new job.

Mentorship for start-ups and young entrepreneurs

„An entrepreneur is often defined as one who starts his own, new and small business“. „But not every small business is entrepreneurial or represents entrepreneurship“, states the late Peter F. Drucker, a management top thinker. So what are the key success factors for a start-up to grow and thrive? Which mistakes should be avoided? Why is the sales function as important as product innovation? In what markets and customer segments should a business focus upon? How can value be created and extracted from an investment? These are some of the critical questions that need to be answered. 

I can contribute with my extensive international business and multi-cultural team experience in mentoring young entrepreneurs.

Supporting from the start-up foundation process to company management and governance in multiple business sectors such as Technology (incl. Blockchain), Sustainability, Energy, Health, Smart Mobility, Financial Services, Virtual Reality, B2B, B2C etc) , I can act as Advisor, Sounding Board and Speaking Partner. In the end, entrepreneurship requires entrepreneurial strategy and management. Team spirit, culture and behaviour are key ingredients for a start-up to grow and thrive.

Mentees' quotes

Laurent Lebouille, A.P. Moller, Maersk: Otto and I were connected through the Mentor long Program at Warwick Business School, where I was fortunate enough to have been paired with him as mentee. Otto mentored me through my time as MBA student, but more importantly during a time where I was going through significant career and personal choices. He supported by offering his advice and reflections, but more so he encouraged me to explore my own considerations and motivations more. He also pushed me to be insistent and purposeful in my pursuits, rather than leaving things to chance.

I wouldn’t be where I am now if it hadn’t been for his persistent support.

I can heartily recommend Otto as a mentor and a great many other roles where his life experience and expertise can make the difference.

Abir Hossain, Juteborg: Otto is a great mentor. I say this with full conviction, since I have been privileged to have limited yet the most impactful scope of getting a bit of his mentorship. My sincere gratitude to him and all the best wishes for the future success.

Colin Tan, Firecroft: Otto was my business mentor from Warwick Business School (WBS). As my mentor he was excellent! Through many searching questions and advice, he has helped me plan my next career moves and understanding the opportunities available. However Otto was more than just a mentor to me. He was my coach and advisor. 

He was an essential part of my job search process - helping with CV writing, interview preparation and providing advice when I had multiple job offers. 

He was always available for me when I needed him. I had several mentors and coaches during my career and I think Otto was the best. Through my interactions with Otto, his leadership capabilities and strategic thinking always came through. I would strongly recommend Otto to any companies.

Edwin Blanchard, CIPD: Otto was kind enough to take time out of his hectic international schedule to mentor me over a 2 year period. He brings an incisive & well-rounded business perspective, that helps rapidly filter those activities that make a difference. 

Otto has actively helped me explore my career direction balanced by personal milestones.  

During that time, he shared his broad, practical insights about career direction, role planning, people management, personal brand & challenging me mentally to ‘step up’ to senior roles.   I have enjoyed tapping into his astonishing experience and believe his help has contributed to accelerating my career.


Aditya Dular, Baxter: As a Lecturer in "Internationalisation Strategy", Dr. Frommelt adopted both a passionate and innovative learning approach. He created an atmosphere of high engagement and mutual respect. His outstanding tutor leadership qualities, enthusiasm and interpersonal skills generated a classroom environment where "active learning" took place. He also triggered challenging discussions and debates that stretched my mental mindset. I was on the International Student Exchange Programme at the University of Applied Sciences, in Vienna, Austria during 2010 when Dr. Frommelt was my Lecturer for the Module Internationalisation Strategy (ECTS 3.0). 

Besides being an exceptional lecturer with vast business experience, Dr. Frommelt is an insightful mentor.


Marc Pharaoh, Euroclear: I had the great privilege of being mentored by Otto, as part of a Warwick University Alumni initiative (08/09) and we have remained in contact ever since. Otto was so incredible open, encouraging, challenging and friendly, that I can not imagine a more naturally gifted mentor, nor individual better suited to such a role. I am very much in favour of such initiatives and sincerely hope that Otto can maintain his involvement in this one, or something similar, in order for others to benefit as I have.

Global Mentor Programme Manager comment

Donna Curtis, Warwick Business School (WBS): As the former manager of the WBS Global Mentoring Programme, I had the privilege of collaborating with Otto, a dedicated alumni volunteer serving as a WBS Mentor. Otto's wealth of experience proved invaluable in shaping the journeys of aspiring business leaders at the University of Warwick's WBS.

Otto has generously shared his expertise.

Since the inception of the award-winning global mentoring initiative, Otto has generously shared his expertise. Having completed the requisite training, he embraced his role as a WBS Mentor with enthusiasm and, over the years, has helped to equip recent graduates and alumni navigate their career paths. Working alongside Otto has been an absolute pleasure, and I extend my gratitude for his commitment, valuable support, and time invested in the programme. I'm confident Otto will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of WBS mentees. It's dedicated professionals like Otto who make the WBS Global Mentoring Programme truly impactful.

More information and contact

If interested in Mentorship as Mentee and Mentor: WBS Global Mentoring Programme or please contact Dr. Otto C. Frommelt directly. It would be a pleasure to hear from you and explore potential options. Success ensured. Being a sounding board can change your personal life for the better. Well-being and well-feeling included.




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