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こんにちわ - 你好 - Γεια σας

Most welcome to my homepage. Enjoy exploring my Bio including career path, Blockchain insights and news, my mentoring booster activities, the top publications, my experience laboratory (xLAB) and hints of Liechtenstein to see the sights. All comments are most welcome. Thanks a lot.

Grüss Gott auf meiner Homepage. Sie finden spannende Informationen in Bezug auf meinen Lebenslauf (Bio in Deutsch), Blockchain News, meine Mentoring Aktivitäten, Top Publikationen, Experience Laboratory (xLAB) und natürlich gute Tips für Liechtenstein. Dankeschön fürs Feedback.

Best wishes, Otto

Visionary Leadership

Co-creating the future together: Foresight creates vision and leadership means taking initiative to develop a thriving strategy. Are you ready to transition into the future to experience an exciting journey? Let‘s start.

MY MOBILITY VISION: I would like to experience a “seamless” and "smart" mobility, where I am transported from A to B in the most optimal way, using "all" possible transport modes in a climate-neutral, cost-effective and timely manner. Mobility as a Service (MaaS) as a new business model that enables the right means of transport for every occasion, i.e. Horses for Courses. Use instead of ownership leading to sustainable smart mobility. Source: My key note at Intertraffic, Amsterdam, 2022

RUC PräsentationStrategy & Mobility

MY POLITICAL VISION: Values and sovereignty (customs, smallness of Liechtenstein, short distances  and all with cordiality) are constituting the foundation of my Liechtenstein House for the future. Built on 4 pillars: 1) Sustainable mobility for everyone, 2) A solid economy with robust growth (incl. a comprehensive focus on start-ups), 3) Modern multi-disciplinary education (Youth is our future) and 4) Development and use of fully digitalized technology solutions (incl. blockchain) for the business (innovation) and the state (mobile driven eGovernment 24/7/365). Source: My Parlament Member election programme, 2021


MY SAFETY VISION: Technological change steered by artificial intelligence (AI) will create what I call a “drivetech mobility” based on usage rather than ownership of a vehicle. Using not owning will reduce operating costs and drivetech mobility will increase safety as well as reduce congestion on the road significantly. Autonomous vehicles and a shared economy will offer Mobility as a Service (MaaS) by the touch of a finger, i.e. click & drive. This is the new business model for the future to evolve that also contributes towards zero accidents. Source: My article drivetech and homologation of SmartShuttle in Liechtenstein, 2018

Last, but not least 

Looking forward to having an exchange of challenging thoughts and creative ideas. Co-working together to drive into the future.