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Foresight strategy leadership xLAB

Strategic leadership and co-creation of the future

Welcome to my xLAB platform / think tank for bright ideas, future thinking, circularity, ambidexterity, innovation and leadership development. The xLAB stands for e(x)perience (lab)oratory. As a matter of fact, scenario planning and holding a strategic conversation is an integral part to envisage the future. The outcome will result in foresight, vision and creates a thriving strategy for success and growth by exploration (value creation) and exploitation (value capturing). 

As Peter F. Drucker once said: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast". Ergo, leadership needs not only to be mindful and nimble, but also to have a strong focus on people and values in order to successfully implement strategy with real purpose. My xTeam approach is the catalyst for change and transformation. Forward thinking together: I shall look forward to having an inspiring dialogue.

Foresight credo

"He who has insight can understand. He who has perspective can make decisions. And he who has vision knows how to lead.” (Peter Amendt)

Understanding key drivers of change to build a better future

Forces and drivers: Technology, shared economy, green deal, digitalization, blockchain, climate change, virus management and social justice are key drivers of change and transformation. Way forward: Political innovation, leadership and sustainability practiced in a holistic as well as comprehensive way are the means to its end. In other words, manage ambidexterity to the max. In this vain, your constructive thoughts and ideas are most welcome. Let's build a better future together, now ("Zukunft schaffen").

Scenario animations: Post-pandemic worlds

Themes, topics and my contributions:

1) Market, nonmarket, business environment and politics

Post-pandemic worlds for society, government and economy (Infectious Futures)

Post-pandemische Welt für Gesellschaft, Politik und Wirtschaft (WirtschaftRegional, Deutsche Fassung)

Mein Liechtenstein-Haus der Zukunft: Die 4 Säulen (Landtagswahlen 2021, Fürstentum Liechtenstein)

Gastkommentar: Der lange Weg zu den Klimazielen (Wirtschaftsblatt)

Wasserstoff (H2): der Antrieb der Zukunft (Unternehmer Magazin)

Wasserstoff (H2) betriebene e-Lastwagen klimaneutral in Liechtenstein unterwegs (Wirtschaft regional)

Erneuerbare Treibstoffe für eine saubere Umwelt (Springer Business Media)

Entwicklung und Zukunftspotential von alternativen Fahrzeugen sowie klimaneutralen Transporte (Mobilität2010plus)

2) Strategic foresight and visioning


„I would like to experience a “seamless” and "smart" mobility, where I am transported from A to B in the most optimal way, using "all" possible transport modes in a climate-neutral, cost-effective and timely manner. MaaS as a new business model that enables the right means of transport for every occasion, i.e. Horses for Courses. Use instead of ownership“.

Mobilität in der Zukunft, Antrieb: Verbrenner, Hybrid, Elektrik und Wasserstoff, eFuels etc.  (Liechtensteinischer Volksblatt)

In 10 Jahren fahren auf unseren Strassen autonome Fahrzeuge (Liechtensteiner Vaterland)

Autonomes Fahren erhöht die Sicherheit (Automobil Revue)

Autonomous driving enhancing transport safety: Transport as a service by drivetech mobility (SmartShuttle at LIHGA)

Mobilitäts-Erfahrungen und Verkehr: Szenarien der Zukunft (Formatio Bildung-Anstalt)

Freightvision 2050: Europa stellt die Weichen und "man sollte noch radikaler denken" (Der Standard)

Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung auf den Automobilhandel und -service (HfWU)

Revolution der Geschäftsmodelle in der Transportindustrie (Traktuell)

3) Driving strategy and change

Internationalization Strategy for Small Medium Entreprises (SME) and Start-ups (FHWien, Course Outline, freely available) 

The Future of the Automotive Truck Industry: An exploratory perspective between a business and political strategy process (London Fora Series, Warwick Business School)

Strategic Foresight: Dynamic Scenario Planning in Action (IfM Impulse)

Managing uncertainty and complexity: The value of a scenario-based strategic conversation (Oxford Futures Forum - OFF)

Mind the gap: Strategy, scenarios and strategic conversation: An exploratory study in the European Truck Industry (Oxford Futures Forum - OFF)

My Liechtenstein 2039 (Projekt Zukunft)

4) Start-ups and innovation

Ecosystem by JutePP®: Jute high-tech solutions to liberate the world from plastic (Juteborg AB, Sweden and Bangladesh)

Startups / Finanzierung: Innovationsprozess und praktische Erfahrungen mit Business Angels (Blockchain & Innovation Circle (BIC), Stabstelle Finanzinnovation)

5) Leadership and practice

Mindful leadership, circular mindset and organizational ambidexterity (Leadership framework: Change rooms to stay fit and healthy)

Leadership signature (Leadership style and values)

Leadership heros and toxic bosses - Bad boss versus good boss: What can you do? (Experience sharing)

Mentoring as a booster for career and life: From busy fool to crazy cool (Part 2: Linkedin)

Leadership System of National Road Office (Certified management and quality system)

Management Handbook: Formula 1 Team Approach (Driving for success)

Wozu in die Ferne schweifen (Wirtschaftsmagazin Trend)

6) Ambidexterity by visioning and co-creation: From xLAB to xTEAM


The notion of „ambidexterity“, i.e. a healthy balance between exploration (value creation) and exploitation (value capturing) as a strategic key factor in the prosperity of any organisational system. Exploration is about experimentation, variation, discovery and innovation, whereas exploitation is about execution, refinement, choice, optimisation and efficiency. An xLAB approach is the means for xTEAMs to thrive and co-create new visions. Putting visions and a successful strategy in execution mode will result in sales and turnover (value extraction).


Ready to co-create the future with a postmodern management impact

NB: I am deeply indebted to all my friends, colleagues, co-workers, experts, media professionals and also Professors for supporting my life long learning journey. Thank you very much. What is more, xLAB stands for e(x)perience (lab)oratory. It is an integral part of my life and working mantra, i. e. rapid prototyping and testing (“Do it - try it - fit it”). 

All my contributions have been either exploratory conceptualized and/or implemented prosperously in practice, i.e. management of practise with foresight, strategic vision and mindful leadership. My success formula: "From busy fool to crazy cool". Please join the conversation.