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Welcome to my top publications with regards to foresight, strategy, leadership and organizational development. Food for thought and reflection. Enjoy reading and I shall look forward to receiving your constructive comments. Please join the conversation.

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This online platform is to present my most impactful publications that were published most recently. What is more, the full spectrum can also be found under xLAB section.

Leader: Hero oder Zero? (KMU Magazin) 

Have you ever had a bad boss? How did this experience make you feel? What happened to you? How did you get over it? These are some of the relevant questions, that I elaborate on in the KMU-Magazin. What is more, I outline what it means to have a good boss, and how one can flourish and grow. Having a good boss is a true gift. 

In the article, I share my experiences as a co-worker, team player, manager, leader and boss of having bosses of all walks of life. I use the term “boss”, as ultimately someone has to be the boss, being a Manager, Director, Vice-President, President, Owner or Chairman of an institution. Finally, there are concrete suggestions what could be done. English version link.

360º Vehicle Life Cycle Management with Blockchain Technology (IfM Impulse, Wissensmagazin)

Blockchain technology will disrupt, transform and innovate the current way we conduct business. Smart contracts will drive process automatisation and absolute digitalisation will take over. Blockchain technology constitutes the bridge for a new Economy of Things (EoT) based on digital tokens. 

Illustration Vehicle Life Cycle

In the article, I identified four concrete scenarios for the future of mobility: Optimized mobility, mixed mobility, individual mobility and, last but not least, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) by click & drive. Moreover, it is outlined how the vehicle life cycle can be managed with blockchain technology in an efficient and effective way. 

New business models in the automotive industry will emerge and create a “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) standard. Time to get ready for blockchain mobility by just click & drive. What is more, It is argued that the blockchain technology will also support autonomous driving with many convenient services, whether in the form of entertainment in the car, for planning the cheapest purchases in the vicinity of the vehicle or simply for finding a pleasant accommodation or lovely restaurant in a beautiful setting. In other words, the car will act as concierge. Instead of Alexa or Siri, this could be James. 


Through data or asset tokenisation and smart contracts at the touch of a button, i.e. click & drive, your blockchain DApp not only creates MaaS, but also increases the security of its transactions. The Blockchain Breakthrough: Innovative Vehicle Life Cycle Management Video presents a use case and illustrates how the new mobility ecosystem looks like in order to create a smart mobility future for the entire vehicle life cycle.

Wasserstoff (H2): Antrieb der Zukunft (Unternehmer, Liechtensteinischer Wirtschaftsmagazin)

Klimaneutral in die Zukunft fahren. Wasserstoff als Technologie zum Antrieb mit Brennstoffzelle wird erklärt und die Dekarbonisierung des Transport und Logistik für eine umweltfreundliche Zukunft aufgezeigt.
Article overviewFuel Cell Truck H2

Drive climate-neutral into the future: A H2 fuel-cell truck is equipped with an electrical motor powered by hydrogen and fuel-cells. A true game changer for environment and society in the medium to long term, i.e. zero emissions. In this vain, Liechtenstein can be used to test environmental friendly mobility solutions for the future. 

The Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein approved in December 2020 the amendment to the Traffic Rules Directive (VRV) for operation of trucks powered by hydrogen (H2). The amendment to the ordinance serves all logistical transport services. With the same loading volume, these vehicles are 60 cm longer than the usual diesel-powered vehicles, but are still below the maximum permitted length of 12 m. The extra length results from the fact that the hydrogen tank is attached behind the driver's cab and therefore the body has to be moved 60 cm to the rear to accommodate the load. These "H2 trucks" should also be used in trailer operation. However, depending on the type of trailer, this can mean that the permissible total length for trailer trains of 18.75 m is exceeded by a maximum of this additional length of 60 cm due to the hydrogen tank. The extra length, therefore, only compensates for the loss of cargo volume that results from the hydrogen tank.

Infectious Futures: Reflections, Visions, and Worlds through and beyond COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought about a rupture in the trajectory of our societies, presenting the world with an unprecedented crisis, but also providing a point of reflection and an opening to imagine and articulate alternative futures.

Infectious Futures: Reflections, visions, and worlds through and beyond COVID-19” brings together 28 essays, articles and conversations from leading scholars and thinkers from around the world, who explore the existential questions that COVID-19 confronts us with, and who analyse and imagine how we may navigate this crisis to create preferred futures. 

The book is edited by: Dr. Jose Ramos, Professor Sohail Inayatullah, Dr. Peter Black, Dr. John Sweeney, with production editing by Abril Chimal. Published as an ebook and in print. Humbled to be a co-Author. Moreover, it also includes: A strategic conversation with John A. Sweeney, Jose Ramos, Peter Black, Rafeeq Bosch, Abril Chimal, Otto C. Frommelt, Fazidah Ithnin & Joe Ravetz with regards to foresight and visioning.

On mYouTube Channel, there is a short summary of my article. Enjoy watching. Moreover, the book can be ordered on Journal of Futures Study Digital or from Amazon ISBN-13: 978-0645428339 / ISBN-10: 0645428337.

Post-pandemic scenarios for society, government and economy (Journal of Futures Studies, Perspectives)

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease caused a pandemic that has changed our lives and future to come beyond recognition. It is still altering society, governmental policies, and economy as well as disrupting the way we work and live together. 

Two key drivers identified are: The evolution of business conduct in the ecosystem and the developments of health technology. Digitalization will further drive a Shut-In Economy. 

I advocate that we need to have a Circular Economy that makes sustainability inclusive. Not one’s passport, but ones new Global Health-ID will provide access. In order to protect oneself from contagion, artificial intelligence (AI) will become the health police through an authoritarian Digital Leninism approach. I envisage that further digitalization and blockchain technology could act as an enabler to drive these changes.

This article presents an outlook of possible futures with regards to the impact on society, government and our business community. It includes practical and possible new business models focusing on a circular economy business environment.


Mentoring: Der Schlüssel zum Erfolg (KMU Magazin) 

Um die Zukunft, privat wie auch beruflich, möglichst nach seinen eigenen Vorstellungen zu gestalten, müssen bereits frühzeitig und gezielt die entsprechenden Weichen gestellt werden. Ein wirksames, wenn auch wenig genutztes Tool hierzu is das Mentoring. Der Beitrag zeigt, welche Art der persönlichen Entwicklung notwendig ist, um erfolgreich zu sein. Kurz und bündig: Mentoring kann als wichtiger Hebel und Werkzeug für die persönliche und berufliche Entwicklung eingesetzt werden.

Wie virtuelle Räume achtsame Führung unterstützen können (KMU Magazin)

Mindful Leadership oder achtsame Führung ist in aller Munde. Wie aber ist eine gesunde Organisation, die fit und agil ist, in einem zunehmend unsicheren Geschäftsfeld zu führen? Der Beitrag zeigt eine Möglichkeit, anhand eines Fallbeispiels, wie dies mithilfe virtueller Räume (blau, rot, gelb und grün), die als positive Lernschleife zu nutzen sind, unterstützt werden kann.

Publication in KMU Magazin


Erfolgsrezept für eine konfliktfreie Kommunikation (KMU Magazin) 

Konfliktbeladene Kommunikation im Kundengespräch ist eine grosse Herausforderung. Das aufgezeigte Kommunikationskonzept beinhaltet: Ein Kommunikations-Leitbild-Leitlinien und -Barometer (ein Innovations-Framework um Eskalation zu managen wird vorgestellt) und zeigt ein Praxisbeispiel für konfliktfreie Kommunikation.

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